How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

In this article, Android programmer Subbotin Dmitry show us about getting to the root Telefunken LTE Mike.

He freelance programmer who wrote not 1 dozen applications in the Play Market. He is a true fan of his case.

Root on the Android?

This superuser in the OS Android, giving unlimited options in the system. You can delete, modify, edit any files, including system and manage any applications, move them to the memory card. You can fully modify the system, the LED flashing color when calling and SMS and so on.

If you want to understand in more detail:

What is required to obtain Root rights

Perform the following conditions:

  • Battery charge on the device by 50%
  • MicroUSB cable (the original or a good cable)
  • Included USB debugging

    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

Instructions how to root Telefunken LTE Mike

We use Rootkhp Pro 2.0 software

The latest version as of this writing, perhaps there is a newer version on the official site

How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

  1. Download the program Rootkhp Pro on the official site or do we on the page with the programs to gain root access.
  2. Connect your phone to a PC
  3. Run Rootkhp Pro
  4. Click on the Root button and get a notice that the program began
    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

  5. We are waiting for the second final notification.
    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

Please pay attention! The result may depend upon installed on the mobile device firmware.

We use ZYKUroot program

ZYKUroot new program on the market, learned about the program from a friend.
Design simple as a penny, but the main result.

How to root Telefunken LTE Mike
  1. Download the program ZYKUroot 2.2 or later (the official website developers
  2. Press the Update button and check if the update has a later version – download from website
  3. Launch it and click the button Root
  4. Now we get this notification
    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike
  5. We look forward to the end of obtaining root access
    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

Kingo use program

  • download software Kingo Root

  • Install and run on a PC Kingo

  • Connect the gadget to the computer via the microUSB cable

  • Wait until the program Kingo see your device

    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

  • Press the button Root

    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

    How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

  • Wait until the process is complete and reboot your gadget

If you do not understand how to work with the program, view a training video example.

Telefunken LTE Mike Android firmware download

You ask me, why update Android? All elementary, with each new operating system version of the energy efficiency is improved greatly, corrected bugs, improves the interface and speed of the system. These facts are checked for yourself, friends and the entire Internet. Google wants to make the best operating system in mire.Absolyutno just to say that the time spent on updating Android, will not be wasted, the improvements you get definitely worth it. You will be able to squeeze out of your device 100% of its capabilities!

Download firmware Telefunken LTE Mike

Upon detection of broken links contact the site administrator

download CyanogenMod

Download the MIUI firmware

Real reviews about this model

Telefunken LTE Mike – a great device, in my opinion, for the money the unit more than worthy to be bought. Communication is excellent, I always hear the person on the other end, this certainly has the merit of the noise reduction system. As for performance, you can say so – my requests to launch applications and games gadget perfectly. Of the problems of this model can be noted: SMS comes in, and the sound of late. Nothing more to say.

Leave your feedback on the machine.

Do you have questions about Android theme?

Formulate your question and leave it in the form of comments.

How to unlock pattern key Telefunken LTE Mike

To remove the unlock pattern you can use the “grandmother” method to remove gesture.key through ADB shell or use the code from the image below to unlock.

How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

All this is not very comfortable for a long time, a lot easier to take advantage of the free automatic software to remove / disable graphic key (also called the official site It works similar methods, the only thing that you do not have anything to register in the ADB, just connect your smartphone to your computer and click Unlock, continue to wait for results.

How to root Telefunken LTE Mike

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